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East Green Records are proud to announce                             

as our newest signing, with his debut album of original songs tinged with the sounds of Country, Bluegrass, Blues & Americana.

Limited Exclusive Autographed Special

ANDY WATTS & The Blue Mountain Rockers




Limited Exclusive Autographed Special

Originally from New Zealand; singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Andy Watts has been based in London since 2007. In that time, he has forged a reputation as a versatile musician, playing trumpet & guitar as well as singing, in 6 Day Riot (alt-folk), Running Club (indie), Trio Blue (jazz) and London Afrobeat Collective (afrobeat/soul) alongside a host of guest appearances and sessions.

With influences ranging from Bob Dylan to Chris Stapleton, Andy’s songwriting pays respect to the traditions of Americana and Bluegrass, while aiming to connect to universal feelings of love, loss and hope for the future.

 ‘Turn The Lights Out’ is the culmination of this new project, swapping the brass and bombast of London Afrobeat Collective for a slightly more introspective style, focussing on the story of the song rather than creating festival dancefloor anthems!


Says Andy ‘I wanted to do something a bit different, focus on connecting with people through the stories I can tell musically. It’s a different type of writing to what I’ve worked on before; sparser and more simplistic, letting the story in the lyrics carry the song without too much extra information…’

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